Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Build Your Own Nuclear Fusion Reactor

It turns out that for several years amateur scientists and engineers have been building their nuclear fusion reactors in their attics and basements. Check out this Wall Street Journal video. The United States and many other countries have been spending billions and billions of dollars for the last 60 years in order to achieve controlled nuclear fusion. The ultimate goal has been to have power plants with unlimited fuel and no environmental pollution. The solution was always 25 to 30 years off in the future. It was that way 40 years ago and it's that way today. But it turns out you really don't need to spend billions and requiring hundreds of scientists and engineers. All it takes is a little study and $500 to $3000 in equipment and supplies. For the more adventurious see.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tell No One

Tell No One is an exciting French movie now playing in many areas. This is an exciting mystery with a chase scene to rival Bullit, but different, on foot. It starts with a violent murder where protaganist's wife is killed. But then 8 years later he gets messages that his wife may not be dead afterall. Check out the New York Times review. The movie was first released 2 years ago in Europe and was a hit and now we get to enjoy a very fine movie. Don't miss this one.

Palo Alto Seismometer Reading, Last 24 Hours

East-West Horizonal Seismometer

North-South Horizonal Seismometer

Very Sensitive Vertical Seismometer
The seismometer data is updated every 10 minutes, refresh screen to get latest display. A sharp short spike is probably us checking the seismometer vault (wine cellar). Send an e-mail if you have any questions. Click image for larger view.